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Giadí - Biography of the artist

Giada Passaretti, aka Giadí, was born in Rome in April 1980, in a family of artists who immediately stimulated and directed her creative spirit.
Her father Giuseppe, drummer and orchestra teacher, gave her music lessons, while her mother Augusta taught her the rudiments of drawing and painting.

She then attended from an early age the ballet school Wilson in Rome, and graduated from the Experimental Art Institute in Rome.
Later she attended university courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she obtained her Degree and Master’s Degree as Educator for Children.

Multifaceted artist, Giadí develops a unique and original artistic language, using different techniques, among which her favorites are sculpture, painting and engraving.

Art critic Maila Buglioni writes about her “Giadí uses different artistic languages, giving life to a very particular iconographic style in which you can see the influence of various artistic currents of the twentieth century such as Cubism and Fauvism.”

He has participated in several group and solo exhibitions, including “Enzimi – New ideas for the squares of Rome” in 1999, while in 2008 he exhibited his work at the XI edition of the National Painting Prize “Sulla Riva” in Formia, finishing in third place and participating in the collective.

Currently Giadí lives in Rome, with her partner Dario and her son Adriano, and has started to follow digital art and NFT. Always interested in new things, Giadí has found in this new form of art a fertile ground for her creativity.

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My Works

I do not design or sculpt my works, they already exist, only they are not visible to everyone, I give them shape with the colors of the brush.


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