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It is through years of study and practice that Giadí has ​​developed her own personal and unique artistic language, which is not mere copying of other people’s works, but a synthesis of the different artistic styles learned during the years of academic training.

Strongly influenced by Fauvism and Cubism, Giadí creates her own iconographic language with which she transmits strong, clear and engaging emotions and sensations, which capture the viewer’s attention and transport him into the artist’s imaginary world.

With clean lines and the skilful use of pigments, the ability to give a great depth with a few brushstrokes, Giadí offers her audience a wide range of different works that for the subject and for the techniques used, arousing in the viewer profound reflections.


Appearences Are Deceptive


Love your work

My Life

Sergio’s Harem


Il bambino

The Children

The Disillusioned Queen

The Feeling

The Hermaphrodite

Logo sito giadi